An interview with: Niti Marcelle Mueth

As I said last month, I’m going to be spotlighting a cool artist or Black person whose work I find inspiring / interesting / *insert whatever adjective*. This month I’ve chosen Niti Marcelle Mueth, a 21 year old ‘Humble visionary and artsy gal’ from Montréal, Canada. She’s one of the first artists that I ever followed on Instagram, which really helped open my eyes to the world of Black artists out there! Basically any artist that uses afros in their work gets 1000 brownie points from me 🙂 Her work features both prints and GIFs and foregrounds and celebrates blackness and its diversity through her use of bright colours, funky prints and slogans. Yet, her art also has a political dynamic discussing issues such as cultural appropriation, the importance of self-love and the reality of micro-aggressions and racism.


One night last month when I couldn’t sleep (thank you anxiety!! ), I decided to send her an email asking if she wouldn’t mind answering a few questions for my blog – mini interview style. I highly doubted that she would reply but to my utter surprise, she did! So here’s my first interview….

What is the inspiration behind your artwork and what message do you want to give?

The inspiration behind my work firstly would be myself because I’m a woman and  I’m black. We are not represented enough and sadly we are often not represented well. I like to get inspired from the people around me, wheter it’s on social media or in real life. The message I want to tell people through my art is a message of love and self acceptance, so in order to promote that I have to integrate it in my own way of living.

How long does it take you to create each piece?

Each piece doesn’t take too much time to create. I try not to think about it a lot and just do what I feel like doing. I’d say around 1h more or less depending on what I’m working on.

What are some of the struggles of being a young black artist? Is there a sense of community?

The struggles would be to have to prove myself. There are not a lot of us espcially in Quebec. I always feel like I have to be/do more in order to be taken seriously, even by people in my own community. There is a sense of community and collective support from the other artists I know and the people who support my art. I definitely learn a lot from the community around me.

What role do you see social media playing in the way we see / share art?

Social media plays a big role. Most of the people who support my art or buy my stuff have found me on social media instagram/tumblr mostly because it’s such an easy way for your stuff to be in everyone’s screens. We see tons of different images everyday so in order to have an impact on someone your image has to be powerful.

What advice would you give to young black women who want to make it in the art world? 

The advice I would give them is to be themselves unapologetically, trust themselves and do whatever they want to do.



Check out Niti’s website for more information on her projects, and follow her on instagram for information on how to purchase her prints!!

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