This blog aims to discuss (and most likely occasionally rant about) contemporary issues regarding race and black identities. It is a space for me to write informative or opinion pieces on issues affecting myself and other POC both in the UK and around the world. The idea behind the blog was for me to create the type of space that I want to see more of. If I want to see more spaces openly discussing race issues and promoting black excellence why not make one myself!? In a world of white-washed education, I wanted to add some colour not only to my own learning but maybe to those who end up reading what I write! Therefore, the site will also be used to showcase and review the work of Black creatives that are out there; from filmmakers, artists and writers. POC are so underrepresented in this industry and I feel it is important that we support each other in promoting and celebrating our achievements.

Opening up a dialogue on issues of race and black identity is extremely important and something that Black people and black voices should be at the forefront of. Adding my own voice to the mix will not only give me a creative and expressive outlet but will also hopefully be an educational and slightly cathartic process. I hope to widen my own awareness of the world and deepen the knowledge that I already have, whilst discovering new and exciting people and ideas. I am by no means a writer and actually the thought of uploading my opinions for all to read (assuming anyone does read this!) and criticise makes me feel very anxious, especially when discussing issues that I feel so strongly about. Yet, I am open to criticism and this is meant to be a learning process. In celebrating other black creatives through this blog, you could argue that I am in a tiny way becoming one myself, and that is actually really cool!


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